APIDA Heritage Month Recap

June 29, 2017

The month of May was Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month! A total of 28 socials were held all over the country. From Hawaii to Rhode Island, we were thrilled to see all of the camaraderie through photos, social media posts, and informal conversations. An enormous thank you to all of our members who planned and hosted socials, and to those who attended!

Here are just a few quotes from some of the hosts and participants of the APIDA Heritage Month socials:

"The NYC Region II social had amazing chicken wings, a visitor from Region I, and friendships being built & rebuilt!" - Angie Kim, New York

"I had a great time at the Iowa social! The folks who attended were people who I already had strong relationships with -- from graduate school, working professionally together, and serving as a mentor. This is a true reflection of the APIDA pros in the state of Iowa; we're a small, but fierce, community and family." - Der Vang, Iowa

"We had two graduating grads in attendance at the RI Social. It was so nice to welcome them as professionals, especially to introduce them to the APIKC and the profession. RI is small, but we are mighty." - Anthony Mam, Rhode Island

"I loved hosting at our home because I wanted people to feel free to put their feet up, walk around, come and go as they please, and for it to feel like family gathering. Potluck style allowed everyone to cook or bring some of their favorite dishes. We FEASTED! And so unlike me, I FORGOT to take a photo of the food! We had pancit, rice, kimchi, Piya’s “protein that tasted delicious (a wonderfully seasoned ground turkey dish)”, cornbread bibingka, nem nướng, egg rolls, short ribs, and cake (just to name a few items)! DELISH!" - Joy Hoffman, California

"I had a great time connecting with long-time friends and meeting new professionals at the socials. Exchanging stories and sharing laughs was perfect and the Hoffmans’ provided great hospitality as usual. The APIKC continues to grow and adapt to meet our new professionals where they are and still ground the work in our values of community, advocacy and empowerment. As a former KC co-chair, I’m excited to see the work happening and the various celebrations taking place across the country." - Raja Bhattar, California

"Thank you so much for encouraging and coordinating the 50 social APIKC socials in May - what a lovely way to bring our community together across the country to celebrate! I had a lovely time and the Drs. Hoffman's home - awesome people, lots of laughs, delicious food - what more could one ask for!" - Piya Bose, California

Be on the look out next year as we look forward to continuing this initiative! We hope to get closer to our goal of 50+ states and hope you'll be a part of it! 

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