As Temperatures are Dropping Outside, Wouldn’t it be Nice to Have a Warm & Cozy NASPA Scarf?

Sara Mata, NASPA IV-W Foundation Ambassador

October 31, 2017

By donating a minimum of $20 to the NASPA Foundation between now and Nov. 9, this cool-to-keep-you-warm scarf with a handy-dandy pocket can be yours. Supplies are limited so donate now here:

Once your donation is made, please email [email protected] and we will ensure you have a scarf waiting for you in Lincoln, NE.

In addition to the scarves, Region IV-W Foundation Ambassadors will be providing you with an opportunity to obtain one of the coolest buttons around, sending you home with some pretty cool swag! You have two options for the buttons while at the conference:

Donate $5.00 and you will receive a button with a NASPA inspired message.

Donate $10.00 and we will personalize and make your very own button design with the quote of your choice.

What will you do with the button or most likely, buttons?  Wear one and find a colleague or student who has inspired you and give it to them.  You know you have five, ten or more colleagues who would love to receive a button from you! The buttons are currently being designed and assembled.  Please contact David Adams at [email protected] if you have questions concerning buttons.

The Foundation Ambassadors hope you find the buttons and scarf to be a fun perk to the joy in donating to the NASPA Foundation that provides so much to our members. By reaching one of our NASPA goals, $500 goes to support research initiatives for members in Region IV-W. Reaching both NASPA goals provides an additional $500 going directly to graduate students scholarships. This means your donation will not only get you a fancy scarf and cool buttons but ultimately provide your colleagues with scholarships and assistance with research opportunities!

Know we can’t do this work without you. We thank you for your support and are looking forward to seeing you in Lincoln, NE!

Let us know how we can help and again, thank you for all your support to Region IV-W!

Sara Mata and David Adams
Region IV-W Foundation Ambassadors
[email protected]
[email protected]

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