Assessment, Education, and Research KC at the WRC

Judd Harbin

October 2, 2017

If you are attending the Western Regional Conference, please be sure to look for the Assessment, Evaluation, and Research KC (AER KC) table during the Knowledge Community Fair on Monday, November 6, Kevin Grant (KC Rep for Region VI) and Judd Harbin (KC Rep for Region V) will be sharing information about a research study examining Student Affairs professionals.

If you are available for dinner that evening, then you can also sign-up during the fair for small supper clubs with members of the AER KC. The KC will have a list of some nearby local restaurants in case you do not know the area. To avoid the need for reservations or long waits, the supper clubs will be small (4 to 6 people). Plus, the smaller groups will facilitate deeper connections with colleagues. You can discuss your favorite assessment, evaluation, or research topics with colleagues from Regions V and VI while dining. Innovative learning outcomes assessment? Effective evaluations to submit for accreditation site visits? Retention, progression, and completion rates for individuals studying to become Maesters at the Citadel in Old Town, Westeros? Pick your own adventure.

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