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June 25, 2019

The AVP Spotlight series is an initiative of the NASPA AVP Steering Committee and is designed to highlight many of the outstanding contributions to the profession that are made by AVPs across the country.

This edition features Anne K. F. Jones, Ed.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Division of Student Affairs, for the Universtiy of California, Berkeley.

AVP.   Please share with us your title, institution, years of service in your current role, and years of service as a student affairs professional.

AKFJ. I am serving as the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Division of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley, a position I have held for two years. This is my first formal role in Student Affairs. Previously, I was Chief of Staff to the Provost at the UC Office of the President; Student Affairs was included in that portfolio.

AVP.   Please share which units are within your portfolio in your current role.

AKFJ. My direct reports include the Vice Chancellor’s immediate office, the Ombuds for Student and Post-Doctorates, the Independent Hearing Officer, and Communications. Soon I will be adding a Director for Strategic Planning and Assessment.

AVP.   What do you enjoy doing most in your current role?

AKFJ. I love the dynamic climate at Berkeley, and being a thought partner with the Vice Chancellor. It is so rewarding to work on making the student experience the best it can be. And, no two days are ever alike!

AVP.   How are you involved in NASPA?

AKFJ. NASPA has been so important to me as I am learning this role! I have attended the AVP Number Two Institute for two years, led group discussions, reviewed proposals for and attended the national conference, will attend the Western Regional Conference, and have just submitted a proposal for the new AVP Symposium.

AVP.   What is the best advice you would give to yourself as a new professional knowing what you know now?

AKFJ. Connect with student leadership right away and as often as possible. Meetings have a way of hijacking your schedule!

AVP.   What is something you are most proud of as an AVP?

AKFJ. I am proud of the personal relationships I have developed with student leaders on campus, and of the professional peer groups I have helped to convene – so helpful to have lots of smart people to connect with.

AVP.   Our roles as an AVP can be challenging. What do you do outside of work to ensure that you’re fresh and energized for your campus job?

AKFJ. Exercise, reading for pleasure, connecting with non-work friends and family… and the occasional email mini-break!

AVP.   What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

AKFJ. My partner and I love to travel and to cook; we find different cuisines to dive into. Currently we are focused on mid- and southern Italian dishes.

AVP.   How do you balance your personal life with your professional responsibilities?

AKFJ. I see it less as “balance” and more as wellness focused. When necessary, work is the primary focus, but being mindful of self-care is critical. In the absence of a crisis I disconnect in the evening. I am mindful of not reliving work challenges in my conversations at home; in case I forget my partner will remind me!

AVP.   What are you reading now (or have you read recently)?

AKFJ. I love Alexander McCall Smith, and I am currently deep into one of his Elizabeth Dalhousie novels.


Do you know someone who should be featured in an AVP Spotlight? If so, please reach out to Kevin McCarthy, AVP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at North Central College with your nomination by clicking here.

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