Citizen Advocacy Training Webinar

June 29, 2017

Join Region II for a Citizen Advocacy Training Webinar!

RESULTS Master Advocacy Trainer and Student Affairs Professional Ana Castillo-Nye, EdM will lead an interactive webinar focusing on how you can develop a relationship with your members of Congress and become a positive change agent for the issues you care most about. Regardless of political or ideological leanings, participants will come away with concrete speaking and writing skills to help them engage with our lawmakers and reclaim our democracy!

We will be focusing on following content:
-Advocacy and Understanding our Relationship with Elected Officials
-Where Does the Money Go?: A Crash Course in the Federal Budget
-Speaking and Writing Powerfully about ______ using the EPIC Model
-Legislation & policy pertaining to APIDA population regarding undocumented status & healthcare

If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP at

About the Speaker: Ana Castillo-Nye is the Assistant Director for the Pennoni Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry (CII) at Drexel University. After receiving her BA with a concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Rutgers University in 2011, she continued with graduate studies at the School of Education where she received her EdM in College Student Affairs. Ana's primary responsibilities include advising students of the Custom-Designed Major (CSDN) Program, co-teaching introductory seminars, and facilitating educational programming related to the major as well as the unit's yearly themed interdisciplinary course series, the Symposium. She believes in leadership development that approaches problem solving in the systemic mindset and tries to challenge students to learn how to move between “small lens” and “big lens” thinking. Outside of work, Ana is a trained citizen lobbyist and is particularly interested in issues regarding educational access, poverty, civic participation, and critical citizenship.

Questions? Please contact Angie Kim, APIKC Region II Rep at [email protected]

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