#CLDESTUDS17: Sessions Not to Miss

May 12, 2017

As the #CLDE17 Student Interns (#CLDESTUDS17) we are so excited to be a part of all of the workshops and learning lectures. There are so many unique, and interesting parts to this conference. We have decided to share our programs and the sessions that we are most looking forward to. Of course, we think all of the workshops will be outstanding, but these are the one’s that really make us excited for this conference. Hopefully, we will see some of you at the sessions, and we can discuss what we liked most!

TYLER - Millennial Conservatism and Civic Engagement: No, Really, What Do Young Conservatives Want?

As a millennial who identifies as center-right, I am most excited and interested in the “Millennial Conservatism and Civic Engagement: No, Really, What Do Young Conservatives Want?” session. While I would not consider myself a conservative, it will be extremely interesting to hear what the recent polling has shown young conservatives being interested in. As a libertarian, the election of Donald Trump has really shown the rifts between my form of libertarianism and the modern youth conservative movement, especially in places that I did not expect previously. It’s very important that all attendees, especially our student attendees, visit and participate in this session because it is important to understand a viewpoint that is, more often than not, a minority on college campuses. Understanding the priorities of young conservatives will allow for better dialogues on campuses across the country, and this dialogue will hopefully prevent the name-calling and antagonism seem on many campuses today.

OPENING PLENARY | CivEd Talks and Our CLDE Theory of Change
Thursday, June 8 | 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Ballroom

Millennial Conservatism and Civic Engagement: No, Really, What Do Young Conservatives Want?

Young conservatives are here to stay, and in 2016, they voted in higher numbers -- and exhibited higher engagement with candidates and issues -- than they had in the past 20 years. But millennial conservatives aren't social conservatives, and they aren't necessarily fiscal conservatives, either. Jane Coaston will review the latest polling data and analytics to discuss what we're hearing -- and not hearing -- from a demographic that will impact our politics, and our policies, for decades to come.

Speaker:  Jane Coaston, political reporter, MTV News

AMBER- Student Pre-Conference Workshop

Being a student intern has been an exciting experience, but the moment that I am most excited for is our Student Pre-Conference Workshop. I enjoy being hands on with other students and seeing their perspective on uncomfortable topics. We will be discussing three different topics at our workshop and we have prepared multiple questions for the students to keep the conversation interesting. Being in Baltimore, we will be discussing racial tension. I am of mixed descent and I have experienced racial discrimination, so I enjoy seeing other students ideas on the matter. As well as, hearing other students stories regarding racial tension. I look forward to working with my fellow interns and meeting all of the students.

Pre-conference Session - Student Pre-Conference Workshop (Registration required; Free to undergraduate students only)

Wednesday, June 7 | 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. | Raven Room

This workshop will introduce students to #CLDEStuds17 that will provide a space to discuss issues that focus on being an active participant in the local and national communities, and will give students the tools to be effective activists in their communities. These open discussions will be held in large and small groups to effectively dissect the topics being discussed. To thoroughly accomplish our goals at the conference we hope that our peers come with open minds, and thoughtful ideas to contribute to discussions not only at this conference but at home with their peers. There will be additional information closer to the conference for those who register. We hope to engage our attendees with new, and exciting, information that can further reach students across the nation, and actively enhance the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement initiatives.

CHRISTINA - Baltimore Walking Tour, and Plenary Session

I am excited about the entire conference in general, however, I am most looking forward to the Baltimore Walking Tour and the Plenary Session. I have flown into Baltimore but never had the chance to experience the rich culture it has to offer. I am so beyond excited to learn about the history and see the amazing things that it has to offer as a historical city. It will also be neat to do a compare and contrast with how Baltimore functions as a city, and how the city I am from functions. I think that learning the Baltimore runs will be an interesting time. On top of this, I am excited for the Plenary Session that discusses Violence in Communities, and what the remedy of this is. I think that by learning about Baltimore and seeing the culture on a personal level will help me deliberate on a more understanding, and professional level.

Wednesday, June 7 | 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.  | Depart from Baltimore Waterfront Marriott lobby

Walking Tour 1 | Baltimore West Side  Sponsored by University of Maryland Baltimore County
Maximum registration 15 | No fee

Exploring Baltimore history through a social justice lens led by Nicole King, Ph.D. Dr. King is Associate Professor and Chair of American Studies at UMBC.

Walking Tour 2 | Baltimore "Untour" Sponsored by University of Maryland Baltimore County
Maximum registration 11 | No fee

An opportunity to engage with UMBC faculty while exploring Baltimore history through a social justice lens. Guided by UMBC faculty/staff member Joby Taylor, Director, Peaceworker Program at The Shriver Center/UMBC.

Exploratory Session by Bus | Right to the City - Curtis Bay: Community Engagement through a Mobile App Sponsored by Towson University
Maximum registration 44 | No fee

Towson University (anthropology students, faculty, and United Workers-Free Your Voice) have been working on a participatory action research project with high-school students in environmental science classes to qualitatively study the environmental hazards in South Baltimore. Seize this opportunity to explore this work, with Nicole Fabricant, Matthew Durington, and Samuel Collins, Ph.D.s, Associate Professors, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice at Towson University ( http://www.nicolefabricant.com). 

Once again, we are looking forward to the conference, and hope that we see you at these events! Don’t be shy, and come have a discussion with us! Thanks!

 -The #CLDE17 Interns

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