Kathryn Grier, Awards Coordinator, NASPA IV-W Advisory Board

September 1, 2019

It is my pleasure to announce the 2019 NASPA IV-West Award Recipients.On behalf of everyone in NASPA IV-West, congratulations to all of the award recipients!! The 2019 NASPA IV-West Awards will be presented during the Regional Conference, October 27th - 30th, in Fargo, North Dakota.

Distinguished Service Award | Eric Grospitch | Vice President for Student Life | Washburn University

Presidential Excellence Award | Robert Vartabedian | President | Missouri Western State University

James J. Rhatigan Outstanding Dean Award | Cara Halgren | Vice President for Student Affairs & Diversity | University of North Dakota

Outstanding New Professional Award | Andrew Brown | Assistant Director - Hansen Leadership Program for Community Service and Engagement | Doane University

Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award | Cody Charles | Associate Director | University of Kansas

Outstanding Faculty Member Award | Tamara Takaboski | Program Coordinator & Professor | University of Northern Colorado

Support Staff Recognition Award | Taylor Ragland | Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs | Arkansas Tech University

Community College Professional Award | Lisa Perez Miller | Vice President of Students & Enrollment Management | Pratt Community College

Social Justice & Inclusion Award | Precious Porras | Assistant Vice Provost of Diversity & Equity and Director - Office of Multicultural Affairs | University of Kansas

NUFP Champion Award | Adrain Smith | Director of Leadership & Diversity Initiatives |University of Arkansas

Innovative Program Award | First Generation Institute |Arkansas Tech University

Campus-Based Video/Computer Software Award | Learning to be Chloe Again: A Survivor’s Story | Missouri Western State University

Campus-Based Publication Award | First Destination Report and Presentation | Colorado State University

Campus Based Research/Literature Award | The Perceived Role of Parents & Family Members of First Gen College Students on Transition | Arkansas Tech University

Undergraduate Rising Star Awards

Robyn Bauer | University of North Dakota

Mazzie Boyd | Missouri Western State University

Fatima Contreras | Fort Hays State University

Gaelen Rose | Northeastern State University

Daniel Webster | University of Arkansas

Graduate Student Rising Star Awards

Patrick Bussiere | University of Northern Colorado

Hannah Elliot | Colorado State University

Derrick Gulley | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Angelique Price | University of Arkansas

Alma Ramos | University of Colorado-Denver

New Professional Rising Star Awards

Tyrell Allen | Colorado State University

Dalton Brasington | University of OK - Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy

Kelsi Broadway | Fort Hays State University

Theresa Riles | University of Kansas

Zach Romo | Washington University at St. Louis

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