Connections IV-West is a new program that pairs LGBTQIA+

Travis Tucker, Gender and Sexuality KC

July 29, 2018

Connections IV-West FAQ

Connections IV-West is a new program that pairs LGBTQIA+ identifying professionals in a program to build community and support. Please see below to learn more. If you have any questions, you can contact Travis Tucker, Gender and Sexuality KC at [email protected]

Interested in applying to be part of Connections? Follow this link!

What is Connections?

The purpose of Connections is to build a network of LGBTQIA+ identifying graduate students and professional staff and faculty around the Region IV-West community. This program will match mentees and mentors and engage pairs in opportunities to grow and develop.

Who is this open too?

This is an opportunity for all graduate students and professionals within the IV-West region that are LGBTQIA+ identifying and are interested in identifying a mentor or mentee with similar identities.

What are the expectations of being a mentee and mentor?

Mentees and mentors will have an expectation of meeting at least once a month. Meetings can take place over the phone, Zoom, Google Hangout or other forms of connection. Each month’s call will have a particular “theme” or topic starter that could be discussed. Themes could touch on professional goals and things that hit on the Queer experience. If mentors/mentees are attending the Regional Conference, we could create opportunities for them to meet while there as well.

How would you match people?

Interested participants can apply here (application link) Matches will be based around a balance of professional and personal skillsets and hobbies.

What would be the time period? A year, the academic year?

Our program will run for one year. This does not mean that relationships cannot continue on after the run of the program!

Can I nominate someone to be a mentor or mentee?

Absolutely! All nominated mentors or mentees will receive an e-mail asking them to participate.

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