Engaged Campus Institute with Bonus Carnegie Academy

August 14, 2017

Apply by September 15th to attend ADP and the NASPA Lead Initiative’s Engaged Campus Institute with Bonus Carnegie Academy from November 3-4, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

AASCU’s American Democracy Project (ADP) and the NASPA Lead Initiative organized this two-day institute to give teams from colleges and universities interested in strategic planning of their civic learning and democratic engagement efforts the opportunity to come together. The workshop is designed to both give campuses time to work on strategic plans and help them prepare for the 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement classification. (The request deadline for applications for classification is May-July, 2018). Additionally, the institute will provide an overview of the National Inventory of Institutional Infrastructure for Community Engagement (NIIICE) and the history of its development.

Each campus team should consist of three individuals: the person who is directly responsible for CLDE work on campus, their respective supervisor and an additional campus representative.

The workshop is limited to 20 campus teams (60 participants), so apply soon! Before attending, participating campuses must complete the 30 minute online NIIICE inventory by October 1, 2017 in order to receive their results by the time the institute takes place.

More information about the Engaged Campus Institute can be found here.

To apply by September 15th, go here.

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