From Identity to Community

Janett C. Ramos, Doctoral Candidate, Olivet Nazarene University

April 5, 2017

CONVERGENCE, the converging of all identities including our Religious, Secular, and Spiritual ones is coming to Los Angeles, May 22nd-24th! Aiding in the conversation among usually siloed constituents such as campus ministry, student affairs, religiously affiliated, secular and non-profit organizations is a pre-conference workshop, From Identity to Community.  

CONVERGENCE will begin with this preconference session as a way to ease anxieties, cultivate understanding, increase cooperation, appreciate participants’ strengths, and more importantly to discuss how to leverage each other’s networks and expertise to make our communities more welcoming, developing, and supportive for our students and staff. From Identity to Community will serve as the foundation for CONVERGENCE by providing a historical framework of religious pluralism and spirituality in higher education, sharing recent changes and issues in religious and spiritual life, and exploring current research and data in religious and spiritual explorations.

From Identity to Community will conclude with the critical conversation we hope to answer at the end of CONVERGENCE, why is converging important, purposeful, and meaningful?

Join me and come prepared to CONVERGE on Monday, May 22nd @ 8:30 a.m. I know it's early, but Peter Laurence, Christy Lohr, J. Cody Nielsen and Angie Thurston will make it worth it!

Attending the Pre-Conference, From Identity to Community is the most intentional and reflective way to prepare yourself for the two days ahead. Come, let’s prepare our hearts, minds, tongues, and souls for the work that’s ahead.

 Let us know if you are coming, Register Here!

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