Get Connected with WISA!

March 19, 2019

Get Connected with WISA!

Did you know that WISA (Women in Student Affairs) is NASPA’s largest Knowledge Community?  WISA serves as a professional home and connection for 2,672 of NASPA’s current members. All members receive ongoing communication and access to resources and information serving the needs and interests of womxn in student affairs. 

If you are seeking a more active role within WISA, now is your chance.  We are currently recruiting for a number of positions on the WISA leadership team. We seek to build a team that reflects the diverse identities, backgrounds and experiences of NASPA womxn. More info at: Submit your application materials online by Friday, March 22 for consideration.

Communications Co-Chair (2)
Professional Development Co-Chair (1)
Member Engagement Co-Chair (1)
Social Justice and Inclusion Co-Chair (1)
Region I Representative (1)
Region IV-E Representative (1)
Region V Representative (1)
WISA Blog Co-Coordinator (1)
Content Development and Marketing Co-Coordinator (2)

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