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Sarah Johnson

June 20, 2017

The PFRKC is looking for a few good NASPA member to join our team!  We have 4 open postions on our Leadership Team!  Each is a unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to NASPA as a whole and PFRKC community.  Please find the descriptions below.  More information can be found on the PFRKC Get Involved page.  When you find the positions you are interested in please contact Alexandra Brown, PFRKC Chair.

Newsletter Editor (1 of 2 positions)

  • Develop content goals and objectives, establish distribution schedule, and publish KC newsletter in collaboration with Co-chair(s).
  • Create newsletter on a quarterly basis for distribution to PFRKC members, which includes:
    • Solicit content from NASPA colleagues and KC members, identifying current literature in research journals and/or mainstream news.
    • Design layout and imagery via Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or other template tools.
  • Work in collaboration with the Technology Coordinator/KC Blogger and Member Engagement Coordinator to post current newsletter issues to the website, blog, and distribute to the KC community via social media and email.

 Conference Chair (1 position)

  • Lead the sponsored program review process for the annual conference.
    • In partnership with the Technology Coordinator/KC Blogger and Member Engagement Coordinator create a marketing plan for submission requests.
    • Recruit and communicate with review committee made up of PFRKC Leadership and/or general members.
  • Manage all PFRKC activities at annual conference, including Communities Fair, business meeting, and optional reception(s):
    • Work with NASPA headquarters on ancillary meeting requests, catering orders, and other conference logistics.
    • Coordinate KC representation at Communities Fair during annual conference, including volunteer scheduling, displays, and promotional handouts.

Regional Representative & Strategic Partnerships Coordinator (1 position)

  • Serve as a liaison between the PFRKC Leadership Team and the 7 NASPA Regional Representatives for the KC, as well as liaison for other KC partnerships or external organizations (i.e. AHEPPP):
    • Lead outreach to other KC leadership to discuss and implement opportunities for collaborative programming/events and/or resources.
    • Identify and communicate with leadership from other organizations, utilizing their expertise, to enhance the PFRKC resources and/or events.
    • Communicate regularly with the KC Co-Chairs, as well as the regional representatives
      • Actively recruit to fill vacant regional positions
    • Help to promote the KC on the regional level with the regional representatives

Region V Representatives (1 position)

  • The Regional KC Representatives work to serve the collective efforts of their Knowledge Community within a particular region.
  • Assist with achieving KC goals by leading Knowledge Community Activity with the region, and assist in moving the National KC agenda forward.
  • Work to increase the number of NASPA members who affiliate with the KC, and develop a regional KC leadership team that generates and disseminates knowledge to the region's membership.

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