Get ready for NASPA 2019 program proposals and sign up to be a reviewer!

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Stacey Malaret

August 6, 2018

Get ready for NASPA 2019 program proposals and sign up to be a reviewer!

Hello SLPKC! Have you ever thought about submitting a program proposal for consideration at the national conference? If not, would you be willing to be a reviewer for possible programs? If so you are in luck! See below for instructions on how to participate:

  1. Click here to review the program submission guidelines so that your proposal is on point and will meet the format that is expected.

  2. Try to match your program to the 2019 NASPA Conference Core Content and guiding principles found here:

  3. Nervous about presenting alone? Click here to search the presenter database to find professionals just like you who are searching for co-presenters to strengthen their proposals on similar topics: .

  4. Click here to apply to be a reviewer by the Aug. 31 deadline: Don’t forget to click on the “Knowledge Community Sponsorship” button and then the SLPKC so that you are able to review leadership themed program proposals.

  5. Submit YOUR program proposal prior to the Sept. 4 deadline here:

  6. Review tips on how to be a great reviewer here:

  7. Start reviewing program proposals as a reviewer between Sept. 12-28, 2018, once they are assigned to you.

  8. Sit back, relax and wait to see if your proposal has been accepted.

It takes a village to put on a great NASPA National Conference. Let’s make 2019 the best conference ever! We know that you all have great program ideas to share and great leadership skills needed in order to pick the very best programs. Stacey and Michelle will be appraising all reviewed proposals that you evaluate in order to choose the best SLPKC sponsored programs, so sign up today!

Please contact Stacey Malaret at [email protected] or Michelle Leao at [email protected] , SLPKC Program Review Co-Chairs, with any questions!

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