Graduate Student Spotlight - Jill Wulfenstein

Briana Cresswell, NASPA IV-W Graduate Student Representative

April 27, 2017

Name: Jill Wulfenstein

Hometown: Pahrump, NV

Graduate Institution: University of Central Arkansas

Degree you are working towards: MS in College Student Personnel Services

Undergraduate Institution: Dixie State University

Previous Institutions: I’ve worked at and attended Utah Valley University, Southern Virginia University and University of New England

Why you chose your graduate institution: I wanted to get my masters in CSPA and this was a respected program. The school is a good size for me; I am able to work in an area I love while also attending school – student activities. I also have a friend I served on student government with in undergrad that works at UCA and told me all about the school and program. Once I researched the school and the program, I quickly fell in love. I am so glad I chose UCA!

Why you wanted to go to graduate school: I am a first generation college graduate in my immediate family and now I will become the first person in my entire family with a maters degree. I knew that I wanted to go into higher education, particularly student affairs, and I needed a master’s degree to make that happen. I also have a genuine love for learning and research. Who knows if I’ll get a second masters!

What area(s) of Student Affairs interest you most and why: I LOVE student activities. I am a fun person and I like to party. My most treasured memories in undergrad were from when I was attending events on campus – whether that be running in the great race, kissing someone in the fountain and becoming a true rebel, or rocking out at a concert on campus. Then I got to go a step beyond and actually be the one to plan those events. I fell in love with student activities and I want to dedicate my life to this work. It is so fun and rewarding. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

A memorable moment working with your students at your assistantship (if applicable): Truly every moment is memorable. When working in events everyday is different and special. I feel like all I do when I’m with my students is laugh and laugh. We know how to work hard but we definitely know how to play hard! I look back at taking my students to NACA conferences and those are some of my most treasured memories. We got to spend so much time together doing what we do best – laughing and having fun.

What are your hobbies? Distance running, watching the cheetah girls 2, paddle boarding, swimming, reading, cooking.

If you could take a year off from work/school what would you do: Travel the world. First I would go back to China

What is your dream job? President of my undergraduate university.

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why? Emma Stone because we look and sound the exact same

What/who is your spirit animal? Wolf

My secret passion is? I love to clean. I sweep or vacuum at least 4 times a week

What you would like to be remembered for? My fun spirit. I want people to think of me and think of how much fun they had with me and how they didn’t think about their problems or all the bad things in the world. Rather they thought about how good life can be and how much fun they can have. Everyone deserves to be so incredibly happy!

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