How I Became Membership Engagement Coordinator for NASPA’s Community Colleges Division

naspa community college division

Anita Moore

January 9, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a NASPA member looking for ways to get involved.  Ok, I am not going to bore you with a fairy tale but of course, that member was me.  You may be asking, “Why were you looking for more work when everyone knows the day-to-day life of a student affairs administrator is already filled with enough excitement?” Well, my personal philosophy is to seek an assigned role, no matter how small, when I invest in joining an organization because it keeps me connected and engaged.  Also, since NASPA has a long history of helping student affairs professionals like me develop personally and professionally, I thought it would be a worthy cause to support with my time. 

To find opportunities to serve, I visited Volunteer Central on the NASPA website.  I was presented with the opportunity to apply for a shiny, new role in the Community Colleges Division (CCD), the Membership Engagement Coordinator.  The Membership Engagement Coordinator was to oversee a small team of volunteers in creating spaces for CCD members to connect online and in-person.  I expressed interest in the role via a cover letter and resume and was eventually selected.  Our team manages the CCD’s Twitter account and blog.  Please follow us at @NASPA_CCD and check-out our blog on the Community Colleges Division page.  Engage with us in person at the NASPA National Conference by attending the Community Colleges Division Reception, Town Hall Meeting or our table at the Communities Fair.  See the CCD’s 2018 Conference Program Guide for more details.  

While not how I envisioned I would be contributing to NASPA, I am grateful for this opportunity because it forced me to invest in strengthening my own social media presence and leveraged my strengths and talents in giving ideas shape and structure.  Are you are looking for a space to connect with other student affairs professionals from community colleges or an opportunity to serve NASPA? I encourage you to visit Volunteer Central or reach out to me LinkedIn if you have a particular interest in the Community Colleges Division. 

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