Ian D. Ulep - Reflections on NUFP Dungy Leadership Institute

June 29, 2017

Walking into the Dungy Leadership Institute, I didn’t know what to expect or what I could gain from the experience. At the beginning of DLI, I was burnt out from travels and a work filled summer. On the first day, we were all challenged to practice vulnerability with confidence. I figured if I didn’t take on this challenge (and the others), I probably wouldn’t gain anything from DLI. After I embraced my own vulnerability, I was invigorated by the group’s reception of my story. While I grew, those around me were also growing. Sharing this experience outweighed whatever burn out I had prior, or the lack of sleep throughout DLI. I quickly formed relationships over those 5 days that felt stronger and more intimate than many of the relationships I made throughout undergrad. At the end of DLI, we gave affirmations to each other in the large group and our smaller groups. There I realized the impact that I had on others, but more importantly the impact those people made on me. Working with the other 30 NUFPS at DLI allowed me to realize the leader I had grown to be over the past few years. I am forever grateful for DLI and the overall NUFP experience. Without these programs and opportunities, I’m not sure I’d be motivated to continue my education. Because of the interactions I’ve shared this past year I am not only going to graduate school, but I am also so ready to take it head on and conquer any obstacle that comes my way.

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