It’s Time to #CelebrateSAGrads

The end of the semester is often a whirlwind in student affairs! Residence Halls are being closed, multiple programs are happening, and the campus is a bustling and vibrant scene as students prepare to embark on their next chapter. Some students may be saying goodbye to their beloved institution for a few months and heading off to a summer internship or other opportunity while others are experiencing a moment of bittersweetness- graduation! In our work as student affairs professionals, we value celebrating the past year accomplishments of the students we work with, while also sharing in their excitement about future achievements. 

However, in our busy line of work, we may not always have time to celebrate the success of an important group: student affairs graduate students. Though we may only work with them for two years before we send them off into the field, these future professionals oftentimes provide us with valuable support. Whether through graduate assistantships, research, or presentations, student affairs graduate students help us add value to our work (all while balancing their student identity and personal lives)! 

NASPA's New Professional and Graduate Students (NPGS) Knowledge Community and The Student Affairs Collective are excited to unveil an initiative aimed at recognizing student affairs graduate students! Using the hashtag #CelebrateSAgrads, we welcome graduate students to share their successes with the broader community! Whether you just wrapped up your first year or have graduated and are starting on your post graduate school journey, we want to celebrate you! Additionally, we also welcome faculty and supervisors to share in the success of current students, or those that just graduated. Using Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, go ahead and create a post celebrating YOUR success as an SA grad and use the hashtag #CelebrateSAgrads.

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