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Shannon Schwaebler, Volunteer Coordinator

June 24, 2019

This past month the Region IV-W Advisory Board made the trek to Fargo, North Dakota- just a little North of Normal. While there we spent time discussing many topics that face our region. One of those being engagement. We circled around the question time and time again on how to engage more members and broaden our reach. Through a quick scan of the room the board is relatively young. There were some returners. Those returners dating back 8-10 years. However, the vast majority are newer to serving in their roles.

Now some could view that as terrifying. But I choose to believe it is empowering and an exciting time to be a part of IV-W. With a balance of both returners and newly appointed members we are able to strive towards making sure different voices are heard at the table. We can balance the “where we have been” with the “where are we going.” Although this does not mean we have captured all voices I believe the Region is paving the way to continue to work in the best interest of the Region’s constituents.

In discussion around engagement many in the room shared how they came into their role. Those conversations presented a common theme. A tapping of them by a professional in the field either telling them “hey, you’d be good in this role” or “have you ever considered volunteering for NASPA?” For many that was the needed push to go forth and take on the role they are now appointed in. For others it was how their 10 year journey into NASPA began. But regardless of tenure on the board, one thing stayed the same and it was the power of relationships and mentors.

Unfortunately there is no possible way to engage in conversations with all professionals in the region- although, how cool would that gig be?! I am privileged with the opportunity to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for the region. And through conversations this past week I believe we can do better and should do better in finding those individuals we think would do well in roles and personally tap them. So, consider this your tap. If you have ever had an interest in service to the Region there is no better time than now. The opportunities to volunteer range in commitment and experience level. Have you ever wanted to get involved in planning a Regional Conference? There is a position posted for that. How about reviewing programs being proposed for the regional conference? You guessed it. We have a posting. On top of those we have advisory board positions open that allow you to have an even deeper glimpse behind what IV-W does on the daily. Need I say more? To see all the current vacancies login to your NASPA member profile to access Volunteer Central or visit here:"

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