KC Spotlight: Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community

Aryn Lipnicki

October 2, 2018

The Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community (SLPKC) strives to serve as a resource for higher education professionals who have a professional interest in leadership training, education, and development. Through this community members will share best practices, provide critical evaluation of the field, examine standards for leadership programs, support national and regional efforts to develop student leadership programs, make contributions to the literature, recognize exemplary programs, and cultivate a forum for the presentation of new ideas.

For those attending the Region IV-East Conference you can engage with the SLPKC in a variety of ways including attending one of three KC sponsored sessions, participating in a roundtable discussion on utilizing leadership competencies, attend the SLPKC dinner on Monday evening, or participate in the SLPKC graduate mentorship program as either a mentor or a mentee!

In addition to programming happening at the regional level, there are a variety of other opportunities to engage with the SLPKC and content related to student leadership programs. Most notably, the NASPA Leadership Podcast offers a variety of interviews and conversations with many scholars in the field of leadership education. To learn more about other opportunities to engage with the SLPKC, like the knowledge community Facebook page or join the knowledge community!

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