KC Spotlight: All About the Technology Knowledge Community

Courtney Jarrett, Region IV-E TKC Representative

September 14, 2018

The Technology Knowledge Community (TKC) is here for NASPA members who want to explore and collaborate about technology. Technology is a huge concept and ever-changing, so the TKC is diligently working on updates to all different kinds of aspects of tech. If you are interested in tech, whether it be accessibility, data-driven assessment, or using your own tech to be more efficient, then we are the TKC for you!

The TKC has several projects in the works. First is having TKC Sponsored Programs at the NASPA Annual Conference in 2019. Additionally, the TKC is working on its yearly publication and would love contributors if interested.

The TKC also offers annual awards and will announce winners at the Annual Conference next year. Other projects on online learning for members about technology and marketing/communication for the TKC are being planned throughout the year.

Please consider joining the TKC and getting involved in the tech conversation or any of the projects mentioned in this article. You can find more information by visiting https://www.naspa.org/constituent-groups/kcs/technology or contacting Dr. Courtney Jarrett, Region IV-E TKC rep, [email protected].

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