Leadership Spotlight: Armina Khwaja

Leadership Spotlight: Armina Khwaja

October 3, 2017

Each month WISA will showcase individuals on the WISA Leadership Team to allow members to get to know the women in executive positions in both a personal and professional capacity.

 This spotlight will focus on Armina Khwaja, the Conference Engagement Co-Chair. Armina works full time as the Interim Director of Student Conduct at Seattle University.

When you wake up in the morning and you're mentally preparing yourself for another day at work, what excites you the most?

 When I'm preparing for my day, I most look forward to continue working and surrounding myself with people who share my passion, joy, laughter, and commitment. No matter what tasks the day holds, the people around me make them better!

 What advice would you give to someone aspiring to move into a position similar to yours?

 I would tell other professionals to continue telling your story, sharing your successes, and owning your mistakes. No one else can speak your narrative, and it's important to do it for yourself! Flaunt it!

 What are your thoughts on work/life balance? Is there such a thing? If so, how do you achieve it?

 I prefer the term “work-life harmony.” Work is a part of my life, just like my relationships and personal activities. They should all strive to be in harmony with one another.

 If you were to do something other than work in Student Affairs, what would it be?

 Wedding/event planning for sure! I love planning and implementing events with my (too) detail-oriented mind. Or I'd love to open the perfect coffee shop/bakery.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know more about Armina! If you have a question for Armina regarding anything she mentioned above or her role on the WISA Leadership Team, please contact her directly at [email protected]

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