Life vs. School: Winner Takes All?


Joey Paulsonmorgan, Region V SAC

September 15, 2017

Now that the initial excitement from the first few weeks of school has finally started to settle down, it is time to look at a realistic struggle some students are going to begin to face: it is the conflict of life versus school. For many, this year is going to highly favor one or the other; but since when does this issue have to be a winner takes all situation? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t!

Being that I am now a “super senior” with multiple schools and degree paths in my past, I would like to share the most helpful piece of advice I have learned: find balance! I’m sure most of you have already had this pounded in your head and quite frankly it’s just not that easy of a task. Finding balance at this time in your life when you are supposed to be preparing yourself for a future, is rather daunting. Check out this article from Collegexpress for tips on how to make it happen!

College is where students learn how to be successful in the career path they think they want to go down, so why wouldn’t I encourage you to devote every second to your schooling and studies? I am not writing this in hopes that you abandon the drive you may possess to be involved in everything and spend countless hours in the library, but to ensure you this is not the only important aspect of life.

In the big picture, what we learn at college is much more than the skills and knowledge to be successful within the career path we may choose. Phillip Green once stated, “It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends, and family.” Learning how to socialize and fill your life with beneficial activities is equally important because more of our time in life is spent doing these than working.

Today, the ability to be successful in your career is undoubtedly important but what about when you are not at work? The easiest way to live a life a happy life is to find balance between what you enjoy outside of the classroom and what you are doing at school. Find a handful of activities that you enjoy outside of school and plan time for them every week. Here’s a list of ideas from my personal experience for you to think about:

  • Go to the gym/be involved in intramurals
  • Spend time with your friends and make new ones
  • Check out the local attractions
  • Go to the movies
  • Read something besides a textbook
  • Try new hobbies
  • Be adventurous with the area you live in
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Road trip

Challenge yourself to make time for the activities you enjoy while also staying devoted to your schoolwork and responsibilities on campus. Being successful is more than simply getting good grades, it’s learning how to succeed and be happy outside of school in the other areas of life that you are going to be involved in as well. However, don’t let this idea sway your beliefs and create imbalance, because there is no winner in this endless game of tug-o-war, but there is beauty in finding the perfect balance in the battle of life vs. school.

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