Low Cost and Free Professional Development Opportunities!

NASPA Region VI Southern California Executive Board

February 22, 2019

Southern California Colleagues,

The NASPA Region VI Southern California Executive Board wishes to remind you of a few low cost or free professional development opportunities available to NASPA members.

We recognize that schedules and/or budgets may not always allow for NASPA members to attend in-person professional development opportunities. We want to make sure that folks are aware of additional opportunities for them to learn, renew, and/or connect:

1.      Prefer to view a learning session while drinking coffee at your desk? NASPA’s online learning community offers short courses, certificate programs, collaborative spaces, and online components of face-to-face events:https://olc.naspa.org/catalog/categories/on-demandMany of these courses are free.

2.      Can’t make the drive to Los Angeles for NASPA 2019 (https://conference.naspa.org/)? You can purchase a Virtual Ticket and experience the 2019 NASPA Annual Conference on your computer: https://conference.naspa.org/virtual-ticket.

3.      Wish to read publications and/or books at your leisure? Visit the NASPA Publications collection of books, periodicals, and other scholarly research articles: https://www.naspa.org/publications.

4.      If you can sneak away for an affordable local professional development opportunity please save the date for Saturday, June 8th, at the University of LaVerne for the NASPA Southern California Drive-In Conference: https://www.naspa.org/constituent-groups/states/southern-california.  All are welcome to register and attend. This drive-in opportunity is not exclusive to Southern California members.

We wish you the very best as you continue to learn and serve our students in the NASPA Region VI Southern California Region.


The NASPA Region VI Southern California Executive Board


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