NASPA GLBT KC 2015 Award Winners

February 17, 2015

The NASPA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Knowledge Community provides avenues fo both social and professional involvment. The Knowledge Community activities allow for personal and professional growth, increased awareness and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender professionals and students, and promote understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender professional and student needs. 

The GLBT Knowledge Community recognizes individuals, programs, and research that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of sexual and gender minorities inclusivity and education at the highest and broadest level. These awards aid to exhibit excellence and/or innovations that have added to the profession of Student Affairs and Higher Education and enhance the lives of their communities. 

An accumulation of 14 reviewers reviewed various nominations for the award categories and this year, the NASPA GLBT Knowledge Community is honored to award the following four awards on behalf of the association.

GLBT KC's Service to Student Affairs Award

Darryl Holloman

Georgia State University
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

About the Recipient:

Dr. Darryl Holloman has championed many causes for education, awareness, and advocacy for the GLBT community in higher education, and his work is unparalleled. Dr. Holloman has led efforts to create Safe Zone programs at Columbus State University (GA), served on GLBT University Taskforces at Rutgers (NJ), and is currently leading a Climate Study of GLBTQ students at Georgia State University.  He has written and published numerous scholarly articles and presented across the nation on topics that highlight bringing about social change in the GLBT community. In his current role as Dean of Students at Georgia State University, Dr. Holloman is often sought for his advisement on a number of matters. He is truly a student advocate. Dr. Holloman’s manuscript, which is co-edited with his colleagues Spencer Pratt and Lemuel Watson should be released in Spring 2015.  The book is entitled, “From Boyhood to Manhood: Deconstructing Black Masculinity Through a Life Span Continuum."

GLBT KC's Research Award
Brandon B. Barile

Hobart & William Smith Colleges 
Director of Residential Education 

Title: LGBTQ Chief Student Affairs Officers: How Lived Experiences Affect Professional Identity and Progression in Higher Education

Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Studies
Northeastern University

The Study:
The purpose of this qualitative, phenomenological research, which will utilize queer theory as a theoretical lens, is to gain insight into the lived experiences of LGBTQ Chief Student Affairs Officers (CSAOs) as they choose employment, establish and advance within their workplace and manage work/life issues (Super, 1990). Particularly, the research will seek to understand how CSAOs manage sexual identity within their campus climate. Further, an analysis hopes to extract how CSAOs overcome heteronormativity on their campuses (Croteau & Lark, 2009; Griffith & Hebl, 2002; Jung, 1995).

GLBT KC's Exemplary Program Award

University of Houston’s Pride Partners Program

Lorraine Schroeder (pictured left)
Program Director of the LGBT Resource Center
University of Houston

Catherine Essinger (not pictured)
Staff co-chair of the LGBT Resource Center Advisory Board
Univesity of Houston

Description of Program:

To increase LGBTQ awareness and inclusion at University of Houston the Pride Partners program encourages university departments to identify ways to be LGBTQ supportive. University of Houston departments submit their Pride Partner application, which is then reviewed by the LGBT Resource Center Advisory Board’s Education and Operations Committee. If approved, the department receives a Pride Partner placard. Other benefits to Pride Partner departments are: (1) A link to your department's website on LGBT Resource Center's website; (2) A letter to university leadership naming supporters; and (3) The department name published in Daily Cougar advertisement (student newspaper). University of Houston will also engage in a climate survey and plans to measure the impact of this program have on students’ perceptions of LGBTQ inclusion. In addition, they are developing a follow-up survey for participating departments to determine if the application process helped them become intentional about identifying ways to support LGBTQ related matters.

GLBT KC's Outstanding New Professional Award

Corey James Benson (not pictured)
Student Development Coordinator for Student Veteran and LGBTQIA Programming
Texas State University

About the Recipient:

Corey James Benson, M.Ed., is the Student Development Coordinator for Student Veteran and LGBTQIA Programming at Texas State University. Benson is an active member on the Allies Faculty/Staff and AdvoCats Student Facilitation Teams, and serves as the advisor for Lambda of Texas State, Bobcat Equality Alliance, Bobcat Pride at Texas State, and the Veterans Alliance of Texas State. Additionally, he serves as the Treasurer for the Alliance Faculty and Staff organization at Texas State University. He has presented on LGBTQ issues at state and national conferences including the NASPA Multicultural Institute, Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators, and the Leadership Educators Institute. He was instrumental in hosting the Trans* Non Discrimination Conference at Texas State University. Benson has been actively seeking grant funding for LGBTQIA initiatives, and he is frequently sought as a consultant and speaker on various diversity events. 

GLBT KC's Co-Chair Award

Dominiece Hoelyfield (pictured top)
Assitant Director - Multicultural Center and Programs and Coordinator of LGBT Student Services
Missouri State University

Shaun Travers, Ed.D. (pictured bottom)
Campus Diversity Officer & Director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual 
Transgender Resource Center
University of California, San Diego

“The Family Project: Mentoring our Community”

Dr. Shaun Travers and Dominiece Hoelyfield worked together to co-chair a two year long process to develop and pilot the NASPA GLBT-Knowledge Community  “The Family Project: Mentoring our Community” Program.  The program serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans queer, and ally (LGBTQA) NASPA community by building productive professional relationships in higher education, student affairs, and community involvement. Different from traditional mentor/mentee programs, The Family Project encourages a Learning Partnership Model first described in Learning Partnerships: Theory and Models of Practice to Educate for Self-authorship (Baxter Magolda & King, 2004), where coaching roles transition fluidly between two professionals to create an autonomous, interdependent partnership.  Teaching and learning happens between two individuals who honor and respect each other’s experience and knowledge.  Sometimes you will mentor and sometimes you will be mentored, flowing between roles of mentor and mentee as necessary in your pairing.
Make sure to join us in New Orleans at NASPA 2015 on March 24, 2015 at 8:00 PM in Chart Ballroom (A) for our award presentations and social! 

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