NASPA IV-W Needs Your Help to Reach Our Foundation Goals!

David Adams, NASPA IV-W Foundation Ambassador

May 31, 2017

There are less than 2 days remaining for NASPA IV-W goals for the NASPA Foundation. The NASPA Foundation challenges each region with annual fundraising goals. Because of your past support and dedication, we have met these goals every year, giving our region $1,000 to support research initiatives and grants. This year, our goal is to reach 100 donors and $18,000 in contributions. As of June 28, we $1,040 in gifts. To continue our successful trend, we ask your support by donating to the NASPA Foundation by June 30 at:

In donating to the NASPA Foundation, you now have the opportunity to support the Knowledge Communities to fund endeavors through individual donations. As an individual member, you can specifically designate your funds to go to support the work of the following Knowledge Communities: Latinx/a/o KC, Gender and Sexuality KC, Enrollment Management KC, and the Asian Pacific Islander KC. Other KCs will create fundraising initiatives in the future, providing additional exciting and meaningful ways for NASPA members to invest in important undertakings across the association.

As your Foundation Ambassadors, we are looking forward to seeing you in Lincoln, Nebraska for this year’s Regional Conference. We are planning activities and opportunities for you to engage with the NASPA Foundation. Look for updates in the upcoming months for information and details!

Thank you for all your support!

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