NASPA Now Recognition: Information and Nominations

Connor Smalling

September 19, 2018

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my time as an SA grad is the value of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the people around me. This was not always an easy lesson for me. Especially as someone who can be very competitive and wrapped up in my work at times. However, by taking the time to recognize the accomplishments of the people around me, it has actually made me a better professional because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about what people are passionate about and to build a strong connection with my peers. I know this might sound cliché but if you’re reading this right now, I would encourage you to pause and to think of a new professional or graduate student you know who deserves to be recognized for the outstanding work they are doing. Go write that name down and I’ll tell you of an opportunity where you can recognize this individual for their amazing work.

 I’m happy to announce that in partnership with the NASPA national office, the New Professional and Graduate Student Knowledge Community is now accepting nominations and reviewers for the NASPA Now recognition. This is a way for NASPA to highlight and celebrate the achievements and work that is being done by new professionals and graduate students who are making their mark in the field. There are five areas of focus for the NASPA Now recognition, these areas are integrity, inclusion, innovation, inquiry & impact.  

 If you would like to nominate someone or yourself, the process is quite easy. All it takes is a simple application which can be found on the NASPA Now webpage. Along with the application, you will be asked to submit at least one, but no more than two artifacts which demonstrate the performance or experiences within their role. An artifact can really be anything from a nomination letter, a website the individual developed, presentations, publications, self-reflections, portfolios and even a blog.

 We talk all the time about what kind of culture we want to create within our residence halls, offices, meeting places and on our campuses. My hope with NASPA Now is that we can create a culture among our new professionals and graduate students, which highlights the achievements of each other. Let’s work together in creating a culture of celebration within our association. By nominating someone for NASPA Now, you are doing just that.

 For more information about NASPA Now please feel free to email Connor Smalling at [email protected] or go to the link below:

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