New Logo for WISA Knowledge Community

March 5, 2018

The Women in Student Affairs (WISA) Knowledge Community is excited to share with you the new logo! Approved in February 2018, this new logo adequately reflects the mission, vision and values of the community, through various representational meanings.

In an effort to engage members in the purpose behind each nuance of the new logo, we’ve included the information below regarding the deeper meanings. We hope you will take a moment to get familiar with the purpose behind each aspect.

Abstract Nature: this abstract, non-representational image intentionally avoids outside references or other meanings that may not be intended

Triangles: triangles are used to signify change, growth, and evolution over time through the use of the Delta symbol

Intersection of Triangles: the triangles intersect in multiple spots to represent the intersection of identities

Letter “W”: there are multiple ways that the triangles make a “W” for women/womyn/womxn/etc. , which represents the intersectionality of women’s/womyn’s/womxn’s/etc identities.

Colors: the colors are a modern take on the traditional primary colors (red, blue, yellow) to signify disruption of the norm and fresh perspectives on tradition

Butterfly: although abstract, the the form created by the shapes could be seen as a butterfly, which implies transformation or a bird, taking flight, soaring, and rising above freely

Upward Orientation: the abstract butterfly/bird-like form is oriented upward, connoting rising and soaring in an overall uplifting gesture

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