New WISA KC Special Interest Fund

March 20, 2017

The Women in Student Affairs (WISA) Knowledge Community (KC) is very excited and proud to announce that a Special Interest Fund for WISA has been created through the NASPA Foundation.  Individuals can now donate to fund WISA initiatives and know that their donations will have a direct impact on the advancement of women in student affairs.  The WISA KC Special Interest Fund will be used to enable graduate students and new professionals to attend the national conference, support research related to women’s issues, provide recognition opportunities, and enable opportunities for joint educational programming with other Knowledge Communities and NASPA Divisions.  

This fund supports NASPA and its members by contributing to the main purpose of the Knowledge Community, which is to create and share knowledge that supports WISA KC members in doing high quality work on their campuses and with their students.  Any level of contribution is greatly appreciated.  Individuals can donate by using the NASPA Foundation Pledge Form and selecting “KC - Women in Student Affairs”.

WISA thanks the NASPA Foundation for this wonderful opportunity and all past, present, and future donors.  We look forward to turning the generous support of donors into initiatives that continue the advancement of women in student affairs!

Ana Rossetti and Kelley Stier, WISA KC Co-Chairs

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