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Jerrid Freeman, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

November 27, 2017

I wanted to start by saying thank you! This conference was rejuvenating and I found myself even more excited about the future of higher education. I was renewed by seeing friends and colleagues, I laughed and learned with many of you, and I met some amazing new professionals and award winners at the conference. I was often taken aback by the award winners, presenters, and young professionals I interacted with and it gave me even more hope. I appreciated the support, care, and love that I felt throughout the conference for what we do and one another's efforts, dreams, and struggles. This conference was a strong reminder that we do amazing work with amazing people day in and day out. But we also do very difficult work, that can tax our patience, our knowledge, and our tact. I am appreciative of my colleagues who supply the support, ideas, knowledge, and encouragement when it is needed. Thank you again for being a part of NASPA and for attending the regional conference. If you were unable to make it we hope to see you at the national conference and hope to find ways to support you and engage you in your work on your own campus and with NASPA in any way possible.

Lastly, during the conference we were also reminded of the fragility and value of life. We continue to see events happen on our campuses, in our cities, and across that world that bring much sadness and confusion. We also see our own families, friends, and colleagues struggle in various ways and even have life altering events. Please remind yourself to always give grace and kindness to others as they are likely enduring a storm you know nothing about. And a reminder from the conference: without rain, nothing grows.  We must learn to embrace the storms in our life and our daily work. We each are growing, developing, and changing into something more special each and every day. Let's do this together!

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