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Jerrid Freeman, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

January 8, 2018

This week many of us will start a new semester, but what you experienced prior may determine your view. How did your previous semester go? Was it exhausting and one you left feeling behind? Or was it amazing, impactful, and completely fulfilling? Does your State have itself together and you envision no budget cuts and possible raises for all faculty and staff? Or is your State struggling and you are fearful about budgets and everything coming together. Did you accomplish all your personal and professional goals or do you need rejuvenation and major adjustments to get things back on course? I am sure we all have some of the good and some of the bad, but regardless I hope you know two things: 

  1. You are not alone! Many of us experience the same struggles and fears.  We are all in it together to make a better life for ourselves and all the students and staff we interact with each and every day. Remember your family, friends, colleagues, and NASPA peeps that are there for you when you need a lift, a shoulder, a voice, or just an ear. 
  2. Perspective matters more than anything! I hope regardless of where your last semester ended you were able to take some of the break to find hope, peace, love, and happiness. Whether that was with family and friends, catching up on work or projects, just relaxing, or doing your favorite activities that you were able to renew and bring perspective to the months ahead.

If I can personally do anything to help you or provide guidance in any way please let me know. I would love to be that connection point to the many NASPA members and/or resources. Now, let's go make 2018 memorable personally and professionally (a good memorable too)! 

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