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Shana Meyer, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

May 7, 2018

Hold on to your mortarboard, May has arrived! Happy season of chicken dinner banquets, end of the year celebrations, retirements, end of the year reports, evaluations, and of course, Commencement.

When things get wild and busy at work, my sleep becomes restless & my dreams become vivid. Last night, I dreamed I was swimming in an ocean of orange soda. But……it was just a *Fanta sea. (jokes, jokes, credit to justbadpuns on tumblr)

Vivid dreams or not, as we’re winding down in one arena, IV-W Regional Board members are gearing up for our summer Board meeting in Wichita, Kansas.  Items on the agenda are finalizing fall conference rates (just in time to use FY18 funds!), new member orientation, and discussing the roles of our board members. Of course there will be fun and comradery, too!

As was announced during the IV-W business meeting in March, I am excited to share that we will be again partnering with our colleagues in NASPA IV-E to engage in another joint conference, this time in 2020. We will be finalizing a location in the next two months and searching for our next joint conference co-chair.

Your IV-W Board exists to serve YOU and the unique needs of Region IV-W. You’ve heard us talk about being a family—that culture was created through years of friendships, partnerships, and networking with a dash of good ‘ol Midwestern values. Our board takes many factors into consideration when making regional decisions: demographics (who are we reaching? Who is missing?), service (what needs exist & how can they be filled?), professional development (how can we advance the competence of ourselves & our colleagues?), and advocacy (what can we do to support under-represented colleagues & students? How can we educate on important issues?). It’s a tall order, and these are needs that will always exist. Fortunately, our regional board is filled with both new and seasoned professionals who truly care about their colleagues, students, and this profession, always striving to do more and better.

When you think of an Association’s board, what do you think it should do? Let us know if there are issues you think we should discuss at our summer meeting!

Until next time,

Shana Meyer

NASPA IV-W Regional Director

PS, *Speaking of Fanta, do you know which U.S. State has the smallest soft drinks? (Hint: it’s in IV-E!)  It’s Minisoda!  Best of luck as you wrap up the year!

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