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Shana Warkentine Meyer, Regional Director

March 14, 2019

Just like that, one year has flown by! Last March I had the honor of taking the wheel as your Regional Director, and this March, I have the pleasure of welcoming our new Regional Director-Elect into her new position. Congratulations to Dr. Teresa L. Clounch from Fort Hays State University on being named to the role!

Looking back over the past year, Region IV-W has accomplished much. Some of the highlights include:

  • A successful October 2018 conference in Wichita, Kansas. The Mid-Level Institute, Pre-Conference sessions, an SSAO / AVP / Faculty Institute, program sessions, keynote speakers and more were enjoyed by over 300 participants.  Kudos to chair Ryan Gove (University of Kansas Medical Center) and chair-elect Cassie Gerhardt (University of North Dakota) for a wonderful conference!
  • Kat Grier (University of Nebraska), Awards Coordinator, coordinated another fantastic award season, with a total of 104 applications and awarded 33 total awards.  We have much to be proud of within our region.
  • The celebration of NASPA’s 100 Year Anniversary—many thanks to Cassie Gerhardt and Eric Grospitch (Washburn University) for their work in gathering our region’s historical information.
  • The completion of our first regional SERVE academy cohort experience, and the beginning of our second cohort. In the first year, we had 8 participants from 5 different states across the Region. Year two has 12 participants and mentors participating. Congratulations to Brett Bruner (Arkansas Tech University) who has served as the Region IV-W SERVE Coordinator!
  • Each month, 1200+ members receive newsletters that highlight all areas of the NASPA IV-W region.  Shannon Breske (University of Missouri), Communications Coordinator, has the Herculean job of coordinating this task each month.  In addition, David Murphy (Community College of Aurora), Social Media Coordinator, manages & has increased social media outreach: Facebook (975 followers); Twitter (1,292 followers); LinkedIn (58 members); Instagram account (247 followers). Thank you for keeping us connected & informed!
  • Shannon Schwaebler (Northeastern State University), Critical Conversations & Volunteer Coordinator, synchronized the following Critical Conversations, online professional development opportunities for members of the region:
    • Men & the #MeToo Movement (July 2018) 41 Registered
    • Navigating NASPA IV-W Conference  (October 2018) 19 Registered
    • Experiences of Gender-Expansive, Non-Binary, and Genderqueer Student Affairs Professionals (February 27)
  • Keegan Nichols (Arkansas Tech University), Professional Standards Director, oversaw the assignment of at least one professional competency to each NASPA Region IV-W Board position.
  • The Research review committee received 10 quality applications for the 2017-18 award. Applications for 2019 will go live this month and close early April. Kudos to Amy Pennington (Arkansas Tech University) for her work in coordinating the process!
  • There were 14 Region IV-W NUFP applications this cycle. Thank you, Thomas Lane (Missouri State University), for coordinating and mentoring the next generation of Student Affairs professionals.
  • Veronica Riepe (University of Nebraska) and Amy Bockelman Sellers (University of Kansas – Edwards) created committees within the Knowledge Community structure led by 2-3 veteran KC Reps to oversee Trivia Night; LC Mini Presentations; and KC Professional Development. Thanks to our leaders within the KC community who stepped up into these roles! Our KC structure is unique, and our KC coordinators & reps consistently step up to the challenge.
  • For 2017-2018, IV-West achieved its 100-donor goal for #NASPAgives by realizing 112 donors and exceeding its $18,000 monetary goal by 2.6%, raising $18,473.34 in contributions from regional members! By achieving these goals, IV-West has already awarded five $125 regional conference registration scholarships ($500 total value) to graduate students, and will award the other $500 this spring through the annual Region IV-West Research Award. Kudos to David Adams (Tulsa Community College) and MaryAlice Serafini (University of Arkansas) for serving as Foundation Ambassadors & helping us to reach this goal, and Brent Marsh (Rogers State University), Regional Finance Coordinator, for balancing the books. We would not have reached our goals without our generous members who have donated to the cause.
  • Josh Alvarez (Colorado State University), Membership Coordinator, implemented a member engagement initiative for Careers in Student Affairs Month.  NASPA members that shared their story of how they discovered their passion for student affairs and used hashtags #CSAM4W and #NASPA4W for one of four free TPE registrations.
  • And most importantly, Region IV-W has 1,304 total members…..all of these initiatives (and remember, these are just the highlights!) are for YOU.

I believe it is important to give credit where credit is due. While some names have been shared, it is impossible to list all who come together to create these accomplishments, nor is it possible to list all that was completed in this past year. None of these initiatives would have been achieved without our hard-working Cabinet members, Board members, conference committee, mentors, donors, applicants, presenters, nominators, volunteers, and researchers. Whether or not your name or your project was listed—I appreciate you. Thank you for your service, thank you for sharing your time, talent, and treasure with the Region, thank you for advancing our profession for the good of our students and for the good of those professionals yet to come.

After one year, how is our driving? Are there additional initiatives you feel we should explore? Are there better ways we can enhance your membership? Are we driving forward the outcomes most important for student success? Please reach out & let me know how we can be helpful to you and what you’d like to see from your Regional Association. 

Next month, I’ll share discussions from LA & the initiatives your Region will focus on in 2019-2020.

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