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Jerrid Freeman, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

August 30, 2017

Can you believe it is September already? We have all gone through the busy time of opening and now push into the difficult first six weeks that are pivotal for all students, especially our first time full time students. I don't know any of our staff members that are not running ragged from all the programs, student issues, and crisis situations. Setting ourselves and our students up for success during this timeframe is of utmost importance and we all feel the pressure. What I feel we often fail to communicate is the fine line between success and failure we all often walk.

I recently had a conversation with some student leaders about this difficult situation. We each want to impact students and staff in a positive way, but when you get into the profession or in this situation, a student leadership role, who discusses with us the hard decisions we must make? That being a good leader who thrives on excellence, quality, and standards is a much more difficult leadership philosophy than mediocrity, just doing what is asked, and having fun over impact. Being a leader that moves an organization from okay to good or even great is difficult and sometimes comes at personal sacrifice and heartache. How do we navigate these daily decisions and situations? How do we maintain a compass that keeps us doing what matters and truly changes an organization and the lives of others?

Let's continue to change our organizations, our culture, our departments, our divisions, and our institutions. Because if we won't, who will? We all are in the middle of this challenge and what we decide in each moment is up to us. Let's continue to change the world we live in, raise the bar continuously, and help each other along the way.

May this year be an amazing one and know that your NASPA family is here anytime to support, guide, and develop along the way. Reach out to any of us anytime!

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