Presentation Link:  “Transitions: Assisting First Year Students with Disabilities and their Parents”

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Presentation Link: “Transitions: Assisting First Year Students with Disabilities and their Parents”.

August 4, 2017

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, the following presenters within Region 2 (Christopher Rosa, Dana Trimboli and Anyelina Diaz) held a Webinar event titled “Transitions: Assisting First Year Students with Disabilities and their Parents”.

Participants of this webinar were able to gain insight regarding the unique transition issues and challenges students with disabilities face in college and universities as first-year students. They were also able to understand the process that these students must undergo to receive disability support services at the college level and the fundamental differences between high school and college support services.  The presentation provided tips on how to navigate conversations about boundaries and expectations with parents of a student with a disability. It also gave insight on how to inform the parents that their involvement is different at the college level.

You may view this webinar on the NASPA site through the following link;

Info on the presenters:

Chris Rosa serves as the City University of New York’s University Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. He joined the CUNY Office of Student Affairs in July 2004 after 11 years of student affairs experience at his alma mater, Queens College.  While at Queens, Chris served as the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities, as the Director of Student Support Services Program, as 504/ADA Compliance Officer, as Affirmative Action Officer, and as a Student Disciplinary Officer.

Dana Trimboli is the Senior Director for Student Affairs at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY with responsibility for the Divisional Wellness & Resource areas that support holistic student development. Dana serves as the Region II Parent and Family Relations NASPA Knowledge Community representative.

Anyelina Diaz serves as a Disability Resource Specialist for the Disability Resource Center at Montclair State University. Previously, Anyelina worked at the University of Massachusetts Lowell for four-and-a-half years where she served as the Assistant Director of Disability Services at the Wellness Center. Anyelina is the current Region II representative of the Disability Knowledge Community for National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

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