Region Director Update April 2018

Dr. Julie Payne-Kirchmeier

April 5, 2018

Dear Region IV-E Friends and Colleagues, 

What an exciting time to be part of Region IV-E! We've just come off a successful NASPA conference in Philly, where the 4E pride was on display.  Between outstanding presentations, #SASpeaks events presented by some regional rockstars, successful and engaging Executive Board and Business Meetings, formal adoption and presentation of our Strategic Priorities, and a full house for our regional reception, it's obvious to me that 4E has much of which we should be proud. 

During the 4E Business Meeting at the NASPA Annual Conference, the Executive Board for 4E introduced our formally adopted strategic priorities for 2017-2019. These priorities can be found here. On April 9, I will be hosting a Facebook Live event on the 4E Facebook page to review these priorities and take any questions from the regional membership. 

As was announced during the 4E business meeting, I am excited to share that we will be again partnering with our colleagues in NASPA 4W to engage in another joint conference, this time in 2020. This decision aligns with our strategic priority for long-range planning, specifically as it pertains to regional conference planning. We will be finalizing a location in the next two months, and look forward to sharing that with the membership. We also heard from our 2018 Conference Co-Chairs about our upcoming regional conference in Milwaukee, WI (November 11-13), to help celebrate 100 Years of NASPA. Many thanks to Nikki Letawsky Shultz (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) and Renee Dowdy (Marquette University) and the 2018 Conference Leadership Team for their work in planning what promises to be a wonderful professional development event. 

Equally important to 4E is the regional advisory board’s commitment to member engagement and professional development. With that, the Executive Board approved for two publications to be sent regularly to our membership:

  • First, the 'reboot' of theGlance - NASPA IV-E's membership communication tool. More than a newsletter, theGlance is designed to come to you more frequently, and provide relevant and timely you updates, information, and the latest professional development opportunities offered by our region. Many thanks to our 4E Communications team, under the leadership of Nikki Dunham (Northwestern University), for all of the work that has gone into this publication. You will see theGlance in your email inbox every 2 weeks.
  • Second, NASPA 4E Public Policy Division representative, Scott Peska (Waubonsee Community College) in conjunction with our 4E Membership Coordinator, Josh Hengemuhle (University of St. Thomas) and the State/Province Membership Coordinators, will be putting together a regular Region 4E Public Policy update. Look for this to begin later this Spring. 

More updates and events will be shared in upcoming issues of theGlance. Thank you again for helping to make Region 4E a place where professionals connect, learn, and lead! 

With #NASPA4E Pride,

Julie Payne-Kirchmeier

Northwestern University

Region IV-E Director

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