Recapping the Spring 2017 Advisor Essentials Series


BACCHUS Initiatives Staff

June 22, 2017

Throughout spring semester, a number of BACCHUS advisors contributed blog posts about important issues in related to peer education group advising. These helped launch a series we called, “The B-log - Advisor Essentials.” Our hope was to deepen the discussion on the finer parts of advising and group dynamics. NASPA and the BACCHUS Initiatives are committed to helping peer education advisors develop and continue to learn throughout their careers. Look for even more opportunities for professional development in the future.

Thank you to all of our contributors! We highly value your time, expertise, and dedication to peer education. Our authors included:

  • Holly Godden, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Megan Byas, Loyola University New Orleans
  • Jenny Rabas, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Lexi Benson, University of Montana Western
  • Jessica Vogan, Western State Colorado University
  • Brittney Vigna & Olivia Gobble, University of Alabama
  • Lorrie Budd & Lesley Low, The Community College of Baltimore County
  • Craig Bidiman, UMass Boston
  • Eric Marlowe Garrison, The College of William & Mary
  • Craig Kimmelblatt & Dolores Cimini, University at Albany

In case you missed any of our Advisor Essentials series, here they are again in the order posted.

Here’s wishing you a restful summer! If you have any suggestions for blog topics you’d like to hear about in the coming academic year, please let us know.

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