Recognition for Adult Learner and Students with Children Programs

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September 9, 2016

The Adult Learner and Students with Children Knowledge Community (ALSC KC) in NASPA is proud to offer, for the second year, a national award to the Outstanding Undergraduate Adult Learner Program and Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program. These two awards were received by Off-Campus Connections at the Univ. of Arkansas and the Student Parent Help Center, Univ. of Minnesota respectively. The winners were recognized at the NASPA Annual Conference and a letter of commendation was sent to the President and Chief Student Affairs Administrator at their institutions. To read more about their programs read the showcase of their award at here.

Applications to be the 2017 recipient of one of these awards are open now and the deadline to submit is Monday Oct. 31st. 5pm. Outstanding Undergraduate Adult Learner Program. Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program .

This year, we are proud to also help recognize the research that professionals are working hard to achieve in this often under-recognized field. The Knowledge Community for Adult Learners and Students with Children supports further research into our populations and wants to highlight that research in a meaningful manner by providing this annual grant. They are offering up to $500/ year to support research. To apply, see the description and Rubric here. Adult Learners and Students with Children Research Grant.

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