Region V Power of One Conference Update

Scott McAward, Regional Director

September 12, 2017

After intentional conversations and careful consideration, the NASPA Region V Advisory Board has decided to pause the Power of One Conference and reflect on its structure and how well it is serving the needs of those who look to this conference as a leadership experience. 

Since its inception, Power of One has always taken great care  to empower LGBT students and their allies while providing student programming and professional development opportunities for administrators, faculty, staff, and others who work with LGBT students.  It was decided that in order to carry out the mission of Power of One in the midst of the current political climate it would be best to take a step back and refocus. 

NASPA Region V has formed a task force to examine the trends in higher education, best practices, and the implications these uncertain times have in regards to our LGBT students.  Recommendations from the task force will be used to determine the future structure and focus of the Power of One Conference and related efforts within the Region.  It is hoped that the work of the task force will be completed by the end of Fall semester and the Advisory Board will work with the region to implement the recommendations.  If you have any questions please contact Matthew Jeffries Chair of the task force.

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