Resources for Implementing and Administering a Smoke-Free Campus Policy

Eric S. Davidson, Ph.D., MCHES, CSPS

June 6, 2014

Within the last week, both houses of the Illinois legislature passed the Smoke-Free Campus Act, and passed the bill forward to the Govenor’s Office for signing.  As one who has attempted to move my campus toward this outcome for the past 10 years, this event is highly welcomed. Although, many might claim victory, I believe that despite passage, the easy part is behind us, as our community colleges and state universities will now wrangle with notification, monitoring, enforcement, and adjudication of this policy. I'm sure that many institutions outside of Illinois are or will find themselves in similar situations once smoke/tobacco-free policies are passed.

If your campus finds itself working to figure out the best ways of implementing a smoke-free campus, I would suggest the following resources:

 University of Kentucky Smoke-Free Website (

This website has great resources on scripting and educating campus members in asking smokers to put away their cigarettes, an on-line reporting mechanism, and a great video on encouraging campus members to use the script to confront smokers.

Increasing Policy Adherence on a College Campus Document –(  

This document focuses on the research related outcomes of an innovative ambassador program used to ask smokers to stop and refrain from smoking on campus.

Creating a Healthier College Campus: A Comprehensive Manual for Implementing Tobacco-Free Policies. (

This manual describes how to implement a tobacco-free policy on your campus; and new directions for campus/community tobacco policies after implementation of a campus policy is complete.

If you have additional resources or suggestions - I hope you will consider sharing!

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