Institution Spotlight: Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre Hosts Groundbreaking Event

Kristina Miller

September 4, 2018

What brings together the student union, all faculties, departments and students for a multi-floor event that is inspired by the Royal Ontario Museum? It’s SLC Live! A collaboration where the Student Learning Centre provided something exciting for all those who attended.

Held on August 30, eight floors were used, with each one focusing on different themes and activities. The ground-floor amphitheater became a massive upside-down art installation. The ceiling transformed into the ocean, while the floor utilised dry-ice to create a cloud-like effect. Other floors offered activities from athletics, a silent dance party, a student vendors’ market, activities from the Faculty of Arts, open-mics, live music, and free food.

The Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live was the inspiration for the Student Learning Centre. At the ROM Friday Night Live, the museum transforms into a social destination filled with drinks, food, live music and dancing among fossils and galleries.

Only through partnering with every single faculty over the last few months was this large-scale event possible. Together they developed activities and experiences that are unique but related to each of the programs or faculties.

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