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Jes Takla

February 22, 2018

Check out some of these great SAPAA Webinars!

Cultivating & Stewarding Faculty Engagement in Learning Communities 

  • Friday, April 6; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)   
  • Registration Link  
  • Presenters:  Brett Bruner, Director of Transition and Student Conduct, Fort Hays State University; Keegan Nichols, Vice President for Student Services, Arkansas Tech University 
  • Abstract: Faculty engagement is a core component of the learning community program design (Arensdorf & Naylor-Tincknell, 2016). This engagement is intentionally embedded based on the principle that student-faculty interactions that extend beyond the classroom have significant effects on a host of student outcomes including academic achievement, personal and intellectual development, persistence, and degree attainment (Ellett & Schmidt, 2011, p. 28). This webinar will highlight strategies used by two regional, state comprehensive universities in the cultivation and stewardship of faculty members in the design and implementation phases of learning community programs.  

Implementing an Evidence-Based Best Practices Model for LLCs   

  • Tuesday, May 22; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)  
  • Registration Link    
  • Presenters: Jody Jessup-Anger, Marquette University; Karen Inkelas, University of Virginia; Mimi Benjamin, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Matt Wawrzynski, Michigan State University  
  • Abstract: During this webinar, authors of the book, Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) that Work (forthcoming March 2018) will highlight the essential elements of a best practices model for LLCs, which was developed from over a decade of empirical evidence. We will share examples about the enactment of a best practices-based living-learning community and discuss strategies for successful implementation. 

Accepting Webinar Proposals

Learning Community Association is accepting webinar proposals.


  • faculty development and workshop ideas   
  • program planning  
  • evaluating problems in the LC
  • how to address social bonding that may create negative experiences in the classroom  
  • would like to hear more about the ways institutions have applied what has come from research  
  • training and supporting peer leaders   
  • use of common reading texts in LCs 

Submit a webinar proposal

For more information please contact: 
Dr. Jennifer Leptien, Interim Director of Learning Communities at Iowa State University
Professional Development Committee Chair for the Learning Communities Association

[email protected]


Learning Reconfigured: Engaging Faculty in the Residential Student Experience 


  • Presenters: Michael Cross, Ph. D., Justin Brown, Ph. D., Neudy Carolina Nuñez, M.S. Ed.

  • Abstract: Are you wondering how you can engage with faculty in residence halls? Come hear from staff and faculty at University of South Florida about their thriving Faculty Fellows and Faculty in Residence program. This session will include recruitment strategies, student engagement with faculty, tips for working with faculty, and lessons learned. This will be a great opportunity to hear from the staff and faculty perspective. 

ACPA Webinar: Collaborations with Academic Affairs: Furthering Student Development through Collaborations with Academic Affairs     

  • Abstract: Holistic student development extends beyond traditional boundaries of student affairs. In order to achieve the shared goal of providing support to students through holistic approaches, professionals much engage with colleagues across campus in new and innovative ways. This engagement includes collaboration with colleagues in academic affairs. The editor of and contributors to the book Student Affairs for Academic Administrators will conduct this webinar in order to explore ways in which professionals and administrators can collaborate through a variety of types of initiatives. Participants will explore factors influencing relationships between student affairs and academic affairs; investigate application of student development theories to academic settings; examine the application of student development in academic areas, such as undergraduate research; and discuss advantages and limitations of student development theories in academic settings. 


  • Abstract: Many postsecondary institutions use living-learning communities (LLC) as a tool for recruitment, engagement, and retention. Current research illustrates that solely having an LLC is insufficient as a means towards realizing these outcomes.  In this session, panelists will discuss proven strategies for helping students achieve outcomes often associated with LLCs and provide recommendations for design, delivery, and assessment. On this episode of Student Affairs Live, guest host Keith Edwards speaks with Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas, Jody Jessup-Anger, and Matthew Mayhew about their research on LLCs. These scholars will discuss lessons that practitioners can use to improve the student outcomes fom LLCs.

Learning Communities Association (LCA) Webinars has hosted/is hosting the below webinars. If you are not a member please sign up today! It’s free to join the LCA! (Please click here for information on membership - registration is free!).  

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