Staying Sustainable in the Summer

Vigor Lam

July 13, 2019

With school being out for the summer, how can you stay sustainable/green while maintaining comfortable through warmer climates? See below for some of my favorite tips pulled from a few articles:
  • Utilize windows - if your windows are able to be opened, use them to ventilate air and cool down a room. Depending where your room/office is oriented, this may be (not) helpful. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If your office faces the west, it will likely be very warm in the afternoon! 
  • Carry a reusable bottle to hydrate and bring your own straws - this is a simple, but effective way to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic water bottles. On the same vein, bring your straws instead of using plastic ones. Want to get boba (bubble tea) and want a wider straw? They have those too ($8 Amazon example here)
  • Avoid layovers and redeyes. If your travels require flying, avoid booking flights that have layovers or are overnight. Frequent takeoffs and landings use more fuel, and the pollution emitted on night flights has a more detrimental impact on the climate.
For more references and articles that I referenced, see below:
5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat While Staying Green
Top 10 Tips for a Sustainable Summer
10 Tips for Sustainable Summer Fun - Temple University 
5 Tips to Make This Your Most Sustainable Summer Yet

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