Team Up, Who is your partner?

Julie Cissel, NASPA IV-W Parent and Family Relations Knowledge Community Representative

May 2, 2017

Chose yours. Selecting just the right partner for the situation may be easier than you think. Parents as Partners on Campus?  There are numerous occasions for parents and families who hover over their student(s) or “helicopter parent” from afar. Parents and families are often regarded adversely for organizing interference or initiating another obstacle for the student to overcome towards achieving independent success. However, relatives and families are one of your strongest resources ensuring the student's victory walking across the stage at commencement.

What programs are you utilizing? The Parent and Family Relations Knowledge Community would like to know more about your parents as partners programming. How long has your program been implemented and what details are the best ones never one should never forget? We would like to collaborate, identify and share the best practices involving parents and families across the span of large and small universities alike. Please feel free to reach out sharing your exciting events on campus. We are eager to hear what you and your colleagues are up to on your campus. You may reach out to anyone on the P&FRKC leadership team at:

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Julie Cissell serves as the Administrative Specialisit to the AVP Dean of Students at Henderson State University.  She is the PFRKC Representative for NAPSA IV-W.  Julie can be reached at [email protected].  

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