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The Adult Learners and Students with Children KC offers year three of Outstanding Excellence Awards

The Adult Learners & Students with Children KC can now proudly call our awards ceremony an annual event,because we are entering year three of offering these coveted awards from our Knowledge Community! In an effort to promote best practices everywhere, the ALSC KC offers awards to university or college programs that specifically support the underrepresented populations of Adult Learners and Students with Children. If your university has a dedicated unit, department, program, or other structure designed to enhance the experience and retention of these populations, we would love to hear about it. The process is easy and you can find out more on our Awards pages linked below. 

Additionally, for our second year we are offering small research grants to anyone contributing to the body of research around nontraditional learners and specifically adults and students with children. The Grant is easy to apply for and could receive up to $200

Selected winners will be honored at our KC Reception during NASPA 2018 in Philadelphia with a plaque and photo opportunity.  Not only that, your highest university administrators will receive an offical letter from our KC extoling the work you do, and we will showcase it in a national newsletter, blog and facebook page. 

Hurry, the deadline is Oct. 31st 2017 at 5pm. to see how to apply please follow the links.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program

Outstanding Undergraduate Adult Learner Program

Adult Learner and Students with Children KC Research Grant

Feel free to contact us with questions. The opportunity is open to any NASPA member or staff member of a NASPA Institution membership.

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