The Halfway Mark

David Adams, NASPA IV-W Foundation Ambassador

January 3, 2018

You know that feeling when you’re half-way done with a project, half-way done with running a race or half-way toward saving up for an expense?  Certain feelings can take hold such as happiness for making it this far or anxiety for how far you still have to go.  In addition to certain feelings, you may see this as an opportunity to assess the current strategy being used and then make any necessary changes to reach your goal.

Speaking of goals, July 1 – June 30 mark the fiscal year timeframe for Region IV-W to reach our NASPA Foundation goals.  Our Foundation goals include reaching at least 100 donors and a total of $18,000. We are half way to June 30th and as of the most recent Foundation update on November 16, our region has reached 21% of the donor goal and 18% of the dollar goal.  We still have a ways to go and between now and June 30, we will have many opportunities to donate to the Foundation. 

Donating to the NASPA Foundation advances NASPA and the Student Affairs profession by raising funds that:

And More!

During the next few months, your Foundation Ambassadors will feature articles that highlight Foundation dollars at work.  Whether a donation is a one-time gift of $5 or a monthly donation of $50, your gift matters and we intend to show you how and where it matters.  Through seeing your donation in action, we hope the half-way mark ignites us to keep giving and feel proud to support such worthy causes.  As an incentive to reach each of our goals, the Foundation will provide Region IV-W with a $500 Research Grant and a $500 Travel Grant to support conference attendance.  If you would like to donate to the NASPA Foundation, you may do so by clicking here:

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