The Year Ahead: Updates from the TKC Chair

Lisa Endersby

October 14, 2016

While the TKC year is often measured March to March (in line with the Annual Conference), the majority of our colleagues are ringing in another new year this September. As we return to the routine of the academic year, the TKC is making a list of 'new year's resolutions' centered around our Four Pillars: Research & Scholarship, Engagement, Education & Training, and Advocacy.

We are committed to ongoing and meaningful engagement with our members. The TKC is driven by your ideas, questions, and expertise. One great way to start a conversation is to write for our TKC blog!

We continue to pursue and support new ways for our members to engage with the Technology Competency. We are beginning to build a TKC-specific web presence for the Competency and work to collect and create resources to help you use the competency as a tool for your own professional development. We also hope to see the Competency heavily featured in educational sessions, sponsored programs, and for discussion at our TKC Business Meeting.

Our #SAGrad chat combines pillars of Engagement and Training & Education to bring together graduate students with an interest in technology. Join the chat every Sunday at 8pm EST. Upcoming chats will focus on each of the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency areas.

We will soon be launching the next round of the TKC Awards. Keep an eye on our Twitter account and Facebook page for deadlines and criteria. Our goal this year is to celebrate outstanding people and programs across four awards designed to identify an outstanding graduate student, innovative research, and transformative emerging practices.

While the academic year is new, technology has become a foundational and ever-present part of our daily practice. The TKC is committed to championing the role of technology in shaping our practice and our profession.

The Technology Knowledge Community is looking forward to another great year ahead! We invite you to join the conversation - tweet us at @NASPA_TKC and find us on Facebook.

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