Things to do in St. Lou!

Shana Meyer, NASPA IV-WE Conference Co-Chair

October 4, 2016

Since securing Saint Louis as the site for the fall 2016 conference, my family & I have visited the city three times.  Each time we’ve discovered new sites, flavors, and adventures.  I hope you’ll join us in November and take time to experience what have quickly become some of my St. Louis favorites:

  • Citygarden:  Imagine 3 acres of sculptures, landscaping, reflecting pools, and fun.  In City Garden, you can touch, climb, and explore artwork such as “Eros Bendato” (a giant dismembered head of Eros, the Greek god of love & desire); climb on “Untitled (Two Rabbits)”; or emulate “Bruce and Sara Walking,” LED panels of continuous walking animation.  Located just down the street from Union Station on Market Street, Citygarden is a free site worth seeing.
  • The Old Courthouse:  Architecture & history merge in St. Louis’ Old Courthouse.  With an impressive iron-framed dome, winding staircases, ornate features, and gorgeous murals, the interior of the courthouse evokes images of yesteryear.  The Dred Scott Case, one of the most important cases tried in the American court system began in St. Louis’ Old Courthouse in 1846, when a slave family initiated a lawsuit for their freedom.  Slavery, civil rights, and the crusade for women’s rights all were heard in the Old Courthouse, painting a vivid reminder of our country’s lurid past and its implications for today.
  • City Museum:  This ain’t your grandma’s museum.  Imagine Mad Max plus Charlie & the Chocolate factory’s playground brainchild, in 4-floors of an adult-sized playground.  Prepare to crawl, climb, jump, swing and scoot!  Featuring a 4-story slide, hidden tunnels, and more fun than you can imagine, City Museum is a blast for kids—and adults too.  After 8 hours at City Museum, I’d walked over 20,000 steps, was covered in bruises, and my cheeks hurt from laughing. 
  • Imo’s Pizza:  It’s everywhere.  A St. Louis favorite for 52 years, the “Original St. Louis Style Pizza” features Provel (a white processed cheese made of provolone, swiss, and white cheddar), thin crust, and cut into squares……Imo’s is the pizza you’ll want again & again.  Veggie is my personal favorite (Sliced Tomatoes! Mushrooms!)—last time we were in St. Louis, we ate it 3 times in 4 days. 
  • Missouri Botanical Garden:  Over 79-acres, the garden is inspiring, beautiful, and educational.  There are statues, plants from different countries, breath-taking landscaping, conservatories, and giant koi.  The botanical garden is a peaceful hidden gem in the middle of the city.  Check it out—you’ll be delightfully surprised. 
  • Schlafly Tap Room:  St. Louis’ first microbrewery also has great pub grub.  I loved the burger with a fried egg; you can also try goat cheese rarebit, chili-verde mussels, or go basic with fries & a brew.  Yum!
  • NASPA IV-WE:  Really, there’s nothing better than the gathering of two NASPA regions with our fantastic membership, educational program sessions, exhibitors & sponsors, keynote speakers, award recognition, and much, much more.  We can’t wait to engage you in the gorgeous Union Station!

Wow, haven’t even mentioned the FREE zoo, Anheuser-Busch Brewery & Biergarten, St. Louis Blues Hockey, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (affectionately known as the St. Louis Arch), St. Louis Science Center, and Ted Drewes custard…….

What are some of YOUR favorite Saint Louis things?  Make sure to save some time outside the conference schedule to add some new favorites to your list! 

We’ll see you soon—In the Heart of It All!

Shana Meyer, 2016 Conference Co-Chair

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