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Jerrid Freeman, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

June 1, 2017

Summer has arrived. And I am sure if you ask many of our family members who still struggle to fully understand what we do, we don't even work during the summer. But in all seriousness, while the summer is often filled with major budget tasks, policy updates, orientation sessions, prep for the upcoming fall, strategic planning, evaluations, and the like, we each can hopefully find some time to rejuvenate. I am assuming many of us share the same tendencies to burn the candle at both ends and while I am not the person to lead by example on having work-life balance, it is vital we take that time to regroup. Sometimes the summer is the best period we have take the time for vacation, handling tasks we have put off or tabled, bring back our focus on planning and the future of our areas, and just ponder on the meaningful work we do each and every day. We often get caught in putting out the biggest fires and not being as proactive as we need to be each and every day. In our profession we always need to be planners and task masters, but that is much easier said than done. 

Your NASPA Region IV-West board just finished our summer board meeting. We passed our next year's budget for the region, the regional conference summer budget, discussed our top priorities by position, instituted new initiatives for more professional development and support for our membership, and discussed the function and make-up of the overall board. We are excited about all we are trying to do for the region and hope we can continue to support your work to serve students and your development as a professional. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know anytime. I hope it has been a good start to the summer!  

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