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Shannon Schwaebler, Volunteer Coordinator

November 4, 2018

And just like that the NASPA Region IV-W Conference has come to an end. Great times were had in Wichita and after spending time to reflect into the future I am feeling rejuvenated for the second half of the semester. If you were in attendance for the IV-W Board meeting you heard Shana share we have the largest Advisory Board in NASPA. Touting around 50 individuals. The cool part about having such a large advisory board is that you’re connected with professionals all across the region and are able to develop relationships some would call “Family” like. We would love for you to join our IV-W Advisory Board Family. Look here for all the ways you can get involved!

Knowledge Community Opportunities

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Latinx/a/o
  • MultiRacial
  • Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention, Education and Response
  • Spirituality and Religion in Higher Ed
  • Student Affairs Fundraising and External Relations
  • Student-Athlete
  • Sustainability
  • Wellness & Health Promotion KC


  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Wyoming

Other Opportunities

  • Member at Large
  • RD Elect
  • Small Colleges and University Division Representative
  • NASPA Foundation Ambassador
  • Corporate Sponsor Liaison

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