Why I Give - Veronica Riepe

Sara Mata, NASPA IV-W Foundation Ambassador

November 22, 2017

NASPA Region IV-W is thankful to our NASPA Foundation Diamond Club members! Leading up to the National Day of Giving on November 28th, we will be featuring a regional member as they share their reason for why they give.

Featuring Veronica Riepe, Director of Student Involvement at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I did not always give to the NASPA Foundation. Truth be told, I only starting giving within the last handful of years. Maybe I thought I could not give, I did not have enough money. Maybe I did not see the value in my small donation. Maybe I did not understand how my money would be used. Maybe I thought NASPA had plenty of money and did not need mine. But as I think about all of those reasons, like in the case of all charitable organizations, they simply are not true.

Every donation no matter how small matters. If everyone gave $10, the money would add up quickly and surely I can cut back on two venti chai teas from Starbucks to come up with the $10.

I am more knowledgeable about how the Foundation uses my donation, but I still do not know everything they fund. Nor do I have to because I trust them to make wise decisions. I do not know how all the other non-profits I choose to support uses my donations, but I trust they will use it to meet their needs.

It is easy to assume every organization has plenty of money, but we know that is not true. We see it every day on our campuses. Programs we want to start and students we want to help, but there are never enough dollars to match the great ideas. NASPA is no different. There is always more work to be done, more research to support, and more initiatives to start.

I simply started giving to the NASPA Foundation because I believe in the future of student affairs. I believe that the future is bright for NASPA and we have more work to do. I believe progress is made when more resources are available. I believe I have resources and in sharing them they can be used for a greater good. I believe in NASPA.

We thank you for your support. Visit: https://www.naspa.org/foundation/make-a-gift

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